Women's Empowerment Retreat Cottages              

Women's Empowerment & Spiritual Awareness Retreat 

July 21-23, 2017

Prepare for a personal transformation~

A Retreat uniting women of all ages, from all cultures, for unique opportunities to encourage & stimulate spiritual growth, within a safe, relaxed space.

Over the course of the weekend, you can expect to enjoy meditation, sacred circles, Yoga, poetry,  esoteric/metaphysical library, fresh organic vegetarian meals, quiet walks, serene sunsets, lake & mountain views, loon calls, etc.

Optional REIKI, Tarot, Aura Photos

Workshops Include~Spirituality, Women's Issues, Intuitive Healing, Reiki, Chakra Cleansing, Empowerment, Divination, Healing with Crystals~each participant will take home a Herkimer Diamond, mined in NY.

Our mission is to create a safe, comfortable, relaxing environment for women from all backgrounds to open up & explore their spirituality. Through communal living, spiritual exercises, creating sacred spaces, sharing meals & stories, an awakening is triggered from deep within that can only be provoked by the magick that commences when a group of women is brought together.

The Retreat will be held at Strawberry Acres Cottages in Newport, VT. The cottages have beach access on Lake Memphramagog, so bring your canoe, kayak, fishing poles, etc.

The price for the weekend is $250

Limited Spaces Available, All Registrations & Payment must be received by June 30, 2017.

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Retreat Schedule

All activities/workshops held are completely optional. The cottages are set in a very private, secluded area on a dead end road overlooking the lake. The idea of the Retreat is to relax & take the time for yourself to rejuvenate & grow as necessary, while expanding your awareness. For some this means quiet reflection. For others, it means learning new perspectives & techniques for everyday living. Only the workshops with enough attendees will be held. If you'd like to attend a workshop, please email: [email protected] or go to our facebook page: www.facebook/events/676982739120224/  

& message which workshops you'd like to sign up for.


Arrive anytime after 4pm

Cooking Class~Whole Grains/Complete Proteins 4:45pm

Greeting/Introductions 5:45-6:00pm

Dinner 6:30pm

Opening Circle 7:45pm


Juicing Class 8:00am

Yoga 8:45am

Breakfast 9:15am

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing 10:00am

Meditation 10:30am

Spirituality 11:00am

Empowerment 11:50

Cooking Class 11:50

Lunch 12:40pm

Women's Issues 2:00pm

Intuitive Healing 3:30pm

Divination 4:30pm

Cooking Class 5:30pm

Dinner 6:00pm

Open Stage 8:00pm


Yoga 8:00

Cooking Class/Smoothies 8:30

Breakfast 9:00am

Healing with Crystals 9:45am

Reiki 10:45am

Closing Circle 12:00pm