Iggy's Cancer-Free Protocol


My husband, 'Iggy', was diagnosed with Triple Hit, Large Diffuse B Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in June of 2016. They told him that he had a very aggressive form of cancer & that his cancer cells did not die. They also told him that the chemotherapy only had a 35% chance of curing him. They said that if it came back, that he would only have a year or two to live. Hearing this motivated me to find a way to boost his white blood cell count which the chemo was destroying & find a way to save my husbands life...by September 2016, he was cancer free, much to his doctors dismay!!!

I embarked on a journey of researching that took me late into the night, most nights, so I didn't take time from Iggy, who required constant care. Let me share with you what I found & maybe I can help you save the one you love, too!


I understand & am familiar with natural health remedies and have been using them for over 20 years with excellent results. From my previous experience & teaching, your body has the innate ability to heal itself when given what it needs. Now, I know this applies to cancer as well. Your body can heal itself! If given the right nutrients, supplements, vitamins, herbs, enzymes, minerals, etc., your body will heal itself. I have spent countless hours researching cancer, supplements, protocols, etc. and the findings show nothing less. I am passionate about this research & am anxious to share it with you!


Immunotherapy is a therapy developed to build your immune system. Given what it needs, the body has an AMAZING ability to regenerate cells & by building your immune system, YOUR body will fight off the cancer, ensuring it doesn't return. Chemo & radiation kill the daughter cells that cause the tumors, but not the mother stem cells that create those daughter cells. This is why cancer often returns after chemo & radiation, cancer cannot be cut, burned or poisoned out, it will just return somewhere else. YOUR body has to be what kills those mother stem cells to assure it does not return.

Why Does It Work?

Plant medicine is easily absorbed,, has no side effects & is recognized as a healing agent by our bodies. Our cells actually have receptors on them to receive from plants, meaning we were actaully designed to reap the benefits of what plants have to offer.



While I would never suggest either of these, I agree they can have a time & a place.
If you are in 'that' place,
Iggy's Protocol can help alleviate the side effects, which we all know are numerous & can be unbearable to endure.
While chemo & radiation are killing your immune system & breaking down healthy cells, permanent damage can be avoided by introducing certain herbs, supplements, etc. that assist the body in eliminating toxins, rebuild tissue, stimulate the immune system & induce an overall general feeling of well being.

Iggy endured 5 day long, IV chemo treatments every 3 weeks for 3 months. The doctors & nurses were all amazed at how well he endured the chemo & the absence of side effects.



There are 2 choices~


Iggy's Cancer-Free Protocol

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Iggy's Cancer-Free Protocol

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Wellness Consultation $175~

Includes which brands are the best to ensure quality, where to purchase them, and a one time personal Wellness Consultation to address your specific concerns & include any other recommendations that are beneficial to your own personal health issues