What is Immunotherapy?


Immunotherapy entails building the immune system up, given what it needs the body has an innate ability to heal itself. No matter what the ailment, disease or discomfort, YOU can heal yourself, without pharmaceutical drugs. Hippocrates said,

'Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.'

With the proper nutrients, supplements & techniques, you can heal yourself. Michele is passionate about natural health remedies & is well versed in alternative treatments, let her lead you to the wellness you deserve!

In 1998, the founder, an Herbalist, Michele Wildflower, received her certificate in Homeopathy, while still pursuing her herbal studies.

Nature's Mysteries Apothecary was registered with the State of Vermont in the year 2000.

In 2007 she became a Reiki Master.

Michele completed classes with UVM's Certification program for Complementary & Alternative Medicine and Hypnotism, in the Spring 2011. Consultation services are always available.

Currently enrolled in a PhD for Holistic Natural Health & Nutrition program as well as a Clinical Kinesiology course, Michele is excited to share her knowledge of Chinese medicine & how our body can indicate imbalances before painful symptoms occur.

All of our formulations are Organic. The recipes used in our cosmetics are creations formulated by Michele. Research for these recipes has spanned over a decade. When we say, ‘pure & natural’, we mean it!  Purity is our Priority! There are no glycol or petroleum ingredients, no parabens, no sodium laurly/laureth sulfates, no animal ingredients , no animal testing-cruelty free. Some of the ingredients used were grown organically in our garden or wildcrafted in Vermont.

We believe by making natural products for our customers that are healthy and nourishing to our bodies, while not harming the environment, that we can raise a level of consciousness that will help protect our planet for the future.

We welcome you in our efforts!  We appreciate your generosity!

Company History

Located in Vermonts' North East Kingdom, overlooking scenic Lake Willoughby, Nature's Mysteries is a cottage industry which began in 1991. The founder, Michele Wildflower, Director of Education at the former Wildflower Montessori School, began this natural cosmetic line in 2005 for a school fundraiser. This was a collaboration of recipes she has used successfully to heal her three daughters for the last 17 years. After outrageous response to her products, she expanded her line & researched additives used in tradtional cosmetics. After research proved products listed in natural body care products to be toxic (such as methyl paraben, propylene glycol, etc. which are antifreeze & hydraulic brake fluid) she realized there had to be a way to make truly natural cosmetics, organic even. Since not all ingredients are offered organically, we cannot guarantee all the ingredients listed are organic. But we do have an organic line of body care we offer using only organic ingredients. And we guarantee that no GMO's are used either. Our skincare products are only sold in cobalt blue glass bottles for purtity and to reduce plastic waste (except for shampoos & conditioners-glass in the shower-not good.) Microwaves are never used. Wholesale discouts are available on orders of $250 or more.