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Heres what people are saying about our products:

'Lovet the CBD Oil as it makes me feel calm after my daughter''s death and I sleep much better.'
Cathy Ramsey-Lyndonville, VT '18

'I've been using it (CBD Salve) on my shoulder and it sure helps...I use it in the morning and evening and it seems to help me sleep.'
Congressman Kevin (Coach) Cristie VT '18

'I used your salve on my foot, and it worked!!! I need to get more!'
Phyllis Suriano-Big Pine Key, FL '06 

'My husband (who is very skeptical) has a dry patch on his back that never goes away, after his shower, I put your salve on him, the next day he asked for it and within a few days it was gone!'
Christine-Newport, VT '06 

'Look at my scar! My doctors are amazed at how well it has healed and at how supple this skin is that has been radiated! And it's all from your salve!'
Randy Perkins-cancer survivor-Westmore, VT '06 

"The spots and redness on my legs are almost gone! If I don't put your salve on every morning, it feels itchy.'
Peggy-Orleans, VT '07 

'I am in Woodsville, NH and I purchased my products from South End Market in Bradford, VT. Your products are the first that has not made my skin break out...your products ROCK!!!'
Jennifer Butler-Woodsville, NH '07  

'I love your Twilight Face Creme, I put it on at night & in the morning, my skin still feels soft!
Stephanie-Big Pine Key, FL '07

'I had friends who had a dog who had fleas real bad and had scratched himself raw, they treated the dog and got rid of the fleas, but the skin was still all chewed up, I gave them your Healing Salve, and the dog is all healed!
Phyllis Suriano-Pennsylvania, '07

'My son had like athletes foot between his toes, and it was hurting him, we used your Healing Salve, it made him feel better and went right away!'
Suzanna Jones-Walden, VT '08

'I love your products! I used your Oily Skin Moisturizer- I noticed a difference on my skin the second I used it. I want to get more!'
Jody Stevenson-Craftsbury, VT ''08

'I had gotten your (Healing) salve. Well, I got a rash on my face, I used it & it's taken the rash away where nothing else would. I thought I'd let you know, thanks alot!'
Phllis Suriano-Big Pine Key, FL '08

'I'm sleeping at night because of you!' (Sleep Spray)
Bill Trainer-St. Johnsbury, VT '08

'I want the big Aftershave Creme, I should have ordered it the last time I got it, but I love it! It is absolutely incredible! And it just keeps my face feeling like a babies butt or something! ...I wish you had a store near me!'
Peter Hummel-New York '09

'I've had psoriasis and have gone to doctors, I have been on medication for it for three years and it never goes away, ...your Healing Salve is the only thing that has made it go away!'
Werner Grundl-Boston, MA '09

'I fell on the pavement and my face was all scratched up, I used your Healing Salve and I have no scars!
Jules-Boston, MA '09

'I had a dry patch on my finger that was bothering me, my wife bought your Healing Salve, after a few days, it felt better! You can use that for a testimonial!'
Mr. Leopold, Westmore, VT '10

'I used your Healing Salve on my deerfly bite ( which usually drive me crazy and it went right away!)'
Madeleina- Waitsfield, VT '10

'You're Sleep Spray helped me get to sleep!'
customer at Waitsfield Market-Waitsfield, VT '10

'I used your Foot Creme and I swear it kept my feet soft all week long!'
Barb Conn-Waitsfield, VT '10

'You're Foot Creme healed my feet in one night! When I woke up in the morning, I screamed when I saw my feet, my mom came running!'
Becky-Waitsfield, VT '10

'I have a tiny bit of your Foot Creme left that I've been nursing along all winter, waiting for the market to start and to see you again, it's the best Foot Creme I've ever used, I just love it!
customer-Waitsfield, VT '10

'I have like arthritis in my hands, I noticed when I used your Foot Creme, it helped my arthritic hands! You should advertise it for that, too!
Barbara Conn- Waitsfield, VT '10

'The Foot Creme you sold me for the rheumatism in my hands worked! Thank you!'
customer- Waitsfield, VT '10

'I tried your Cuticle Salve at the craft fair in Burlington and later my cuticles felt so good, I'd wished I had bought some, I'd like to buy two.'
customer-St. Albans, VT '10

'I bought your Bug Repellant last week and wanted to let you know, it really works!'
customer-Hardwick, VT '10

'There were all these mosquitos flying around our campsite, I sprayed some of your Bug Repellant, they all went away.'
Eva-Brownington, VT '10

'I love the way your conditioner makes my hair feels.'
Amareena-Westmore, VT '10

'Your Sleep Spray helped my son, I wanted him to meet you.'
customer-Hardwick, VT '10

'I've been having nightmares again, I need more of your Scary Dream Spray, my sister broke mine.'
Caleb, age 4-Big Pine Key, VT '10

'I bought your salve and it helped me!'
customer-Waitsfield, VT '10

'I need more of your Healing Salve, it seems to be helping my psoriasis.'
Willis-Plainfield, VT '10

'..thanks for shipping the (Healing) salve out right away - I've got a skin condition that it really helps."
D. Bouchard-Vineyard Haven MA '11

'I bought a tub of your Hand Salve when I was visiting; absolutely the best thing I've ever used on my hands & nails
& can't find anything quite like it! I live in Steamboat Springs, CO.'
Emily Rogers-Steamboat Springs, CO '11

 '...thanks so much I love your products and it was great and easy to order on line.'
Julie O' Neil- Boston, MA '11

"I love your products & it (Aftershave Creme) makes me look 20 years younger."
Peter Hommel- Wilton, NY '11

"I used your products all winter, they made me so happy... the Rose Spray..I sprayed it every nite, they're amazing!"
Kate- Plainfield, VT '11

"I've been buying your products in Montpelier all winter, I love 'em!"
customer- Plainfield, VT '11

"Love the Healing Salve, use it for anything & everything, it makes me feel better!"
customer- Waitsfield, VT '11

"I used your Lemongrass Counter Spray & it's almost God, I spray it on people, they can't believe it's counter spray!"
customer- Plainfield, VT '11

"I bought your Healing Salve for psoriasis & within a week, yeah, it's just amazing!"
customer- Waitsfield, VT '11 

"Healing Salve really works, I had a thing on my foot, wouldn't go away, if I use your salve all the time, it's gone!"
customer- Waitsfield, VT "11

"My friend bought your Healing Salve & it worked for her!"
customer- Waitfield, VT '11

"..you have made changing over to natural products very easy."
Cathy Ramsey- Lyndonville, VT '12

"...thanks the products are great as usual. Helping my hands already."
Gail Rowell- Edmonds, WA '12

"Michele's all natural products are wonderful. I can't wait to try some more, thanks."
Cherie Lowry- Orleans, VT "12
 "I get goose bumps every time I see your pet products. I have always been overwhelmed when I try to buy pet shampoos and products, there are NO ingredients listed and the mfgs. will and do LIE about what is in their prod. It was divine intervention when we met as I am sure you will turn the dog grooming community on it's ear!!! You have my unfettered gratitude and praise I will not die of cancer due to some dog shampoo that I have my hands in everyday for a few hours, or breathing in my scissor spray daily. 
heri Bovee- Waitsfield, VT '13

"Massage Salve is already working, 3 minutes after purchase? The pain is so intense & now it's gone, is that possible?!"
customer-Waitsfield, VT '13

"I bought your Budding Belly Butter last year & it worked! I put it on every nite!"
customer-Stowe, VT '13

"I bought your Sound Sleep Spray and it works great! One spray at night and I'm out!"
Virginia~Waitsfield, VT '17

"My hands will welcome more salve. It really is the only thing that works!!!"
Jane D~. Moretown, VT '17

"I have some lingering neuropathy from a recent shingles outbreak earlier this year and it (CBD Pain Relief Spray) is really helping! I tell everyone I can about it. I told my brother about it and he ordered some while I was on the phone with him."
Edith C.~ Waitsfield, VT '17

"Your more thank knowledgable, you have a different way of thiking. Thanks for all you do!"
April~Browington, VT '17

"I don't know what that was, but I tried some of it, (50mg CBD Massage Salve) and before I got to the end of the aisle, the throbbing in my painful, aching, arthritic knuckle stopped! I don't know what it is, I don't care, I want some!'
Gene W.~ Danville, VT '17

"I bought the Immune Building Tea Blend and I went to Prague in the Czech Republic with a group of people and everyone got sick except me! It was because of your tea!'
Abby G.~Warren, VT '17