Healing Salve Information

Organic, Cruelty-free
No petroleum ingredients, nothing synthetic.
Only the finest ingredients from Mother Nature's Pantry.
Purity is our Priority~

Nature's Mysteries
Organic Healing Salve
High in Anti-Oxidants


For eczema, psoriasis, radiation treatment, scars, burns, wounds, stretchmarks, sunburn, dry, itchy skin, bugbites, etc...
With over 50 testimonials, we can say, "Can be used on those dry areas where nothing else works!" These folks had very bad eczema and psoriasis, had tried everything, been to doctors, on medication for years, (some costing $100 a prescription!), nothing helped, EXCEPT our Healing Salve! Anywhere the skin needs repair. Our rich combination of essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, humectants and emollients moisturize by preventing transepidermal water loss. See for yourself! Order some today.


Why Does it Work?

Properties of Oils used in Healing Salve:

  • Essential Fatty Acids-Good for dermal regeneration;
  • rose hip seed, *borage, avocado butter, *extra virgin olive
    Skin Softening-vegetable fats that promote cell regeneration and circulation;
  • apricot kernel, safflower
    High in Omega 3's-Reduces inflammation;
  • *hempseed
    Anti-oxidants-neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals;
  • rice bran, *st. johns wort, vitamin E, *calendula
    Emollients-help the skin to balance water loss and absorption of moisture;
  • almond, *cocoa butter, shea butter
    Humectant-promotes retention of moisture;
  • jojoba, vegetable glycerin, *beeswax, *castor
    Anti-fungal, ant-bacterial & anti-viral-defense from fungus, bacteria & virus';
  • *extra virgin coconut, aloe